All times are given in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT/GMT-4).

Monday, June 21, 2021
8:30 AM WebEx sign in, Join Meeting
9:00 AM CCAA Workshop Chair & Principal Investigator for Cognitive Communications Dr. Janette C. Briones Welcome, Introductions & CCAA Workshop Overview
9:15 AM Director of NASA Glenn Research Center Dr. Marla Perez-Davis Opening Remarks
9:30 AM Deputy Associate Administrator for SCaN Mr. Badri Younes Cognitive Capability Contributions to NASA’s Future Networks and Missions
Technical Sessions – Monday, June 21, 2021
Session Chair: Rachel Dudukovich
Time ID Title Name Org.
10:30 AM 19 An Optimization Framework for Resource Allocation in Multi-Tenant Communication Networks Kyle Polich Data Skeptic / Atlas Space Operations
10:55 AM 15 Deep Learning Cognitive Cooperative Data Scheduling Protocol for Small Spacecraft Swarms Abriel Holland Bluecom Systems
11:20 AM 21

Machine-learning-based spectrum sensing enhancement for software-defined radio applications

Shirin Aghabeiki

Altran Technologies France

11:45 AM 6 Optimizing Space Communication Systems using Deep Learning Brianna Robertson Louisiana State University
12:05 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Keynote Speaker: Greg Heckler, NASA Acting Director of the Commercial Services Office for SCaN The Role of Wideband Multilingual Terminals in NASA’s Transition to Commercial Space Communications Services
2:00 PM Break
Technical Sessions – Monday, June 21, 2021
Session Chair: Dylan Gormley
2:05 PM 4 Design and Analysis of Convolutional Neural Network for RF Signal Modulation Classification for In-Orbit Deployment Chris Yakopcic Prixarc, LLC
2:30 PM 9 Adaptive Modulation Using Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning for LEO Satellites Felipe Pasquevich National Space Activities Commission – CONAEArgentina
2:55 PM 17 Heterogeneous Transfer in Deep Learning for Spectrogram Classification in Cognitive Communications Tyler Cody University of Virginia
3:20 PM Break
3:25 PM 1 Quality of Transmission Estimation for Multi-User Free Space Optical Communication Using Supervised Machine Learning Hazem Refai University of Oklahoma
3:50 PM 23 Optimal Observation Policies for Multisensor Navigation Systems Khanh Pham Air Force Research Laboratory
4:15 PM 28 Cardinality-Agnostic Universal Approximation for Neural Networks on Point Clouds Christian Bueno University of California Santa Barbara
4:45 PM Virtual Networking Event
Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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9:00 AM Keynote Speaker: Dr. Julie Parish, Sandia National Lab Cooperative Communication for Autonomous Hypersonics
Technical Sessions – Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Session Chair: Rachel Dudukovich
Time ID Title Name Org.
10:00 AM 11 A Distributed Approach to High Speed Delay Tolerant Networking Within a Virtualized Environment Rachel Dudukovich NASA Glenn Research Center
10:25 AM 10 Applying the Cognitive Space Gateway to Swarm Topologies Ricardo Lent University of Houston
10:50 AM 5 Beam Placement in High-Throughput Satellite Constellations: Complexity and Approach Nils Pachler Massachusetts Institute of Technology
11:15 AM 18 Cognitive Route Selection and FrequencyAllocation for CubeSat Swarm Wenkai Zhang University of California, Irvine
11:40 AM 3 Towards a Disaster Response System Based on CubeSat Constellation Jin Wei-Kocsis Purdue University
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Keynote Speaker:  Jeffrey Hayes, Discipline Scientist & Program Executive, Astrophysics and Heliophysics Divisions, on detail to SCaN  Cognitive Systems in Space:
 – a new paradigm for research
2:00 PM Break
Technical Sessions – Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Session Chair: Marie Piasecki
2:05 PM 13 Satellite Navigation Anti-Spoofing Using Deep Learning on a Receiver Network Darren Kartchner University of New Mexico
2:30 PM 24 A Spectrum Sensor for CubeSat Radios Dylan Gormley NASA Glenn Research Center
2:55 PM 7 Flight Trajectory Prediction Based on Hybrid-Recurrent Networks Nathan Schimpf University of Louisville
3:20 PM Break
3:25 PM 20 Deep Learning of Phase-field Simulated Domain Structure of Ferroelectrics for Reflectarray Antennas Samrat Choudhury University of Idaho
3:50 PM 8 Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna for Cognitive Radio Marios Patriotis University of New Mexico
4:15 PM 26 Cognitive Circular Tapered Slot Array Antenna for Lunar Surface Communications Rainee Simons NASA Glenn Research Center
4:40 PM 25 Enhancing the cybersecurity on mission  critical applications using Cognitive technologies Felipe Costa  ISA (International Society of Automation) / Moxa INCBrazil
5:05 PM CCAA Workshop Concludes