All times are given in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT/GMT-4).

Tuesday, June 20, 2023
8:30 AMSign in, join meeting
9:00 AMCCAA Workshop ChairDr. Rachel DudukovichWelcome, Introductions & CCAA Workshop Overview
9:15 AMTBDTBDNASA Glenn Overview
9:30 AMCTO Technical Director/JPL Visiting ResearcherDr. Lara  SuzukiAI Driven DTN Communications and Applications
10:30 AMBreak
Technical Sessions – Tuesday, June 20, 2023
Session: Cognitive Networking 
Session Chair: Nadia Kortas
10:35 AM1Reactive Routing: Harnessing Advanced Software ModemsMichael MooreAdirondack IT Solutions, LLC
11:00 AM2CLAIRE: Enabling Spectrum and Network Resilience for NASA’s Moon and Mars Missions using Cognitive Communications and NetworkingApurva ModyAiRANACULUS
11:25 AM3Intelligent Network Slicing and Policy-based Routing Engine (INSPiRE)Apurva ModyAiRANACULUS
11:50 AMLunch
1:00 PMKS2Keynote Speaker: Mr. Marcus MurbachTBD
2:00 PMBreak
Technical Sessions – Tuesday, June 20, 2023
Session: Cognitive Networking 
Session Chair: Dale Force
2:05 PM5Implementing a Cognitive Routing Method for High Rate Delay Tolerant NetworkingRicardo LentUniversity of Houston
2:30 PM26Roaming DTN: Integrating Unscheduled Nodes into Contact Plan Based DTN NetworksDominick TaUniversity of Washington
2:55 PM21Scaling and Tasking Collaborative Space Networks with Deep Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning and Natural Language ProcessingCarrie HernandezRebel Space Technologies, Inc.
3:20 PMBreak
3:25 PM25SNN Hardware in Outer Space: Software Defined Networking Executed on an In-Orbit Loihi Spiking ProcessorNayim RahmanBrisk Computing LLC
4:00 PM27Cooperative Clustering Techniques For Space Network ScalabilityYael KirkpatrickMassachusetts Institute of Technology
4:25 PM15Offline Reinforcement Learning and Cognitive Radio Resource Management for Space-based Intelligent Radio Access Network OptimizationTimothy WoodsANDRO Computational Solutions, LLC
5:00 PMDay 1 Concludes
Wednesday, June 21, 2023
8:30 AMSign in, join meeting
9:00 AMKS3Keynote Speaker: Dr. Juan FraireDTN Modeling and Experimentation
10:00 AMBreak
Technical Sessions – Wednesday, June 21, 2023
Session: Cognitive Networking 
Session Chair: Dr. Robert Kassouf-Short
10:05 AM28Extending Zero Trust to DTN networks in spaceDr. Alberto MontillaSPATIAM CORPORATION
10:30 AM17Securing Space Communication Networks using BlockchainDipen BhuvaCleveland State University
10:55 AM24Federated learning-based Intrusion detection system for satellite communicationRyhan UddinCleveland State University
11:20 AM19Network Size Estimation for LoRa-Based Direct-to-Satellite IoTDiego MaldonadoINRIA Lyon
11:45 AMBreak & Lunch
1:00 PMKS4Keynote Speaker: Mr. Philip BaldwinCommercialization and Cognitive Networks: A Vision for the Future
2:00 PMBreak
Session: Cognitive Communication System & Scheduling
Session Chair: Eric Knoblock
2:05 PM12Machine learning based prediction of visibility selection in a satellite communication ground networkKyle PolichData Skeptic / Atlas Space Operations
2:30 PM14Cloud-Based Demodulation and Data Distribution of a Satellite DownlinkAdam GannonNASA Glenn Research Center
2:55 PM31Deep Learning Based Cooperative Scheduling with Distributed Non-linear Predictive Coding for Small Spacecraft SwarmsSudharman JayaweeraBluecom Systems & Consulting
3:20 PMBreak
3:25 PM34Linear Regression Model for Predictive Service Provider SelectionTamerlan AghayevCleveland State University
3:50 PM4Long-Range Space Data Communication Autonomous Distributed SchedulingGregory HoweStottler Henke Associates, Inc.
4:30 PMVirtual Networking Event 
5:30 PMDay 2 Concludes
Thursday, June 22, 2023
8:30 AMSign in, join meeting
9:00 AMKS5Keynote Speaker: Dr. Brian BarrittSpacetime: a Cognitive Engine for Temporospatial Software Defined Networking
10:00 AMBreak
Technical Sessions – Thursday, June 22, 2023
Session: Cognitive Communication System & Scheduling
Session Chair: Dr. Adam Gannon
10:05 AM16Enhancing Autonomous Satellite Communication Systems with Weather-Aware Scheduling and ReconfigurationAaron SmithNASA Glenn Research Center
10:30 AM23Cognitive Quantum Communication Network for Space Weather DetectionAhmad AlomariCleveland State University
10:55 AM22Adversarial Autoencoder for denoising and signal recovery in Quantum gyroscopesTemitope Adeniyi Cleveland State University
11:20 AM8Securing communications on industrial control systems with cognitive systemsFelipe Sabino CostaInternational Society of Automation (ISA) / Moxa Americas
11:45 AMBreak & Lunch
1:00 PMKS6Keynote Speaker: Dr. (Richard) Scott ErwinPerspectives on Cognitive Communications for future Military Space Missions
2:00 PMBreak
Session: Cognitive Radio and Applications
Session Chair: Aaron Smith
2:05 PM30Emulated Spacecraft Communication Testbed for Evaluating Cognitive Networking TechnologyJoseph DowneyNASA Glenn Research Center
2:30 PM10Anticipating spectrogram classification error with combinatorial coverage metricsTyler CodyVirginia Tech
2:55 PM29Neural Network Based Automatic Modulation Classification with Online TrainingShuo ZhangUniversity of Dayton
3:20 PMBreak
3:25 PM20Stealthy Adversarial Attacks Against Automated Modulation Classification in Cognitive RadioJin Wei KocsisPurdue University
3:50 PM9Integrating Machine Learning into the International Space Station Antenna Management SoftwareTimothy GiblinUSAF Academy
4:15 PM18Benefits of Ka-band GaN MMIC High Power Amplifiers with Wide Bandwidth and High Spectral/Power Added Efficiencies for Cognitive Radio PlatformsRainee SimonsNASA Glenn Research Center
5:00 PMCCAA Workshop Concludes